SUNY Buffalo South Lake Competition

Buildings Close to the Street

The award winning 650-700 bed student village project reinterpreted a traditional Buffalo community with an emphasis on placing buildings close to the street. 

Original project rendering, pictured here, shows key elements including on-street parking, small pods of hidden parking, a winding street and a range of house types.

The distinctly urban features of the design contributed to the winning submission. 

Although the competition was awarded to a team led by Charles Gordon Architecture, ultimately the space was redeveloped in a different way.

Had the concept been executed as intended, it would have brought a series of small, safe, walkable spaces to SUNY Buffalo's north campus along with it a sense of belonging traditionally lacking there. 

Competition Winning Design

Mr Gordon led a multi-disciplinary team on this award winning effort and remains involved in a number of projects in this area of the city.