Student Housing

Charles Gordon Architecture specializes in programming and designing urban student residential neighborhoods.

Their approach promotes pedestrian-friendly streets, mixed uses, small scale exterior spaces, student communal amenities and above all, creating good places for students not just building architecture.

Their work complements and reinforce existing residential neighborhoods.


What makes CGA different?

  1. We collaborate well—from teaming with  multi-disciplinary groups led by internationally famous  Ehrenkrantz Eckstut & Kuhn architects[ EEKA] on Canalside  and as finalist  in UB 2020 Master Plan  competition;  to assembling and managing large teams on enumerable large scale  developer driven initiatives.
  2. Award winning designer Charles Gordon commitment from  start to finish –Clients  know they have Charlie Gordon’s personal involvement on regular continuing basis from beginning to end for all accepted assignments.
  3. Our almost  20 year experience in participating, then leading very complex public-private undertakings focusing on  Urban Design/ “ Public realm” related work.
  4. Over 90% of our work over last 15 years comes directly, or indirectly,  from repeat Clients—We treasure our Clients—otherwise, we wouldn’t be working,  nor could we succeed.