Mixed-Use Development

Mr. Gordon has directed numerous award-winning designs for both office and mixed-use facilities including the new Theater District Police Precinct facility in Buffalo recognized by WNY AIA for Design excellence in 2000. He has designed Mixed Use Developments for several corporations ranging in size from 25,000 SF to 150,000 SF: of particular note is 655 Main Street, a Mixed-Use office/retail/ parking development in downtown Buffalo’s historic theater District.

He is currently overseeing the final Design for a 200,000 SF Mixed-Use Development in one of Buffalo’s historic neighborhoods; Elmwood/ Forest Gateway is scheduled to start construction early next year. His Design for $65,000,000 for 2012 Webster Block competition on behalf of Ellicott Development Company won 2nd Place. Mr. Gordon also completed a certificate program in Entertainment Architecture at Harvard University in 1997.

Neighborhood Re-Development

What makes CGA particularly effective is their ability to create specific Re-development visions based on extensive on the ground research coupled with sound current economic data analysis. Private sector investment is attracted to a compelling, but realistic and do-able story.

For the 5 Points Neighborhood Re-Development Vision, CGA reached out to several neighborhood organizations for on-the ground-input, and compiled sound real estate research to create a unique but achievable Residential infill strategy. The concept en-visioned a new “heart”—a shared auto-pedestrian public Piazza at 5 Points intersection—then surrounded this new space with a series of Low- rise but higher Density residential infill 3-4 story simple repetitive apartment buildings. The plan included commercial space at key locations. All of this was seamlessly integrated into the existing neighborhood fabric.

The concept included a new “short –block” Street to create more frontage, and better connect the neighborhood to recently up-graded Sedita Academy Elementary School. We always like to think streets come first—Create a great street –and good private investment tends to follow.

At 5 Points the new shared Piazza will simultaneously create a Neighborhood Hub, promote traffic calming/pedestrian safety, and [with judicious expenditure of Public $$$] increase the value[higher tax base] of ALL surrounding properties.

CGA actively seeks appropriate partners to brainstorm, then collaborate to carry out this exact type of Neighborhood building.

Representative Projects


What makes CGA different?

  1. We collaborate well—from teaming with  multi-disciplinary groups led by internationally famous  Ehrenkrantz Eckstut & Kuhn architects[ EEKA] on Canalside  and as finalist  in UB 2020 Master Plan  competition;  to assembling and managing large teams on enumerable large scale  developer driven initiatives.
  2. Award winning designer Charles Gordon commitment from  start to finish –Clients  know they have Charlie Gordon’s personal involvement on regular continuing basis from beginning to end for all accepted assignments.
  3. Our almost  20 year experience in participating, then leading very complex public-private undertakings focusing on  Urban Design/ “ Public realm” related work.
  4. Over 90% of our work over last 15 years comes directly, or indirectly,  from repeat Clients—We treasure our Clients—otherwise, we wouldn’t be working,  nor could we succeed.