Gun Hill Student Neighborhood, Cornell Univiersity

Historic Cornell, New York

Gun Hill Residences are located on the periphery of the main Cornell University Campus across the street from a historic gun factory. The site presented a tremendous opportunity and many challenges. 

The design took advantage of a unique topographic  feature –a  nearly 2 level difference between  natural uphill to downhill portions of the site. The Design took full advantage of this feature  by creating individual  buildings with different , floor plans, heights and massing, but all oriented around a mid-level outdoor Campus Green.  Spectacular views of Lake Cayuga are also emphasized throughout and contribute to the unique personality of the community. 

Mr Gordon led the design of this project in the late 1980's while vice president of one of the nation's leading architectural firms.


Many Apartment Types

The design incorporates at least eight different apartment types for graduate students, from studios to four bedroom units.

All are arranged around a series of multi-level exterior courtyards.

Convenient parking across the street provides accessibility without diminishing the natural warmth of the environment.