Flower District / M&T Campus Vision

To capitalize upon proximity to the emerging Downtown Medical Campus, and ongoing City initiatives to create more downtown living opportunity, CGA is currently collaborating with public and private interests to create Downtown’s first “complete” neighborhood: the Buffalo Flower District.

Centered on Genesee/Chippewa Streets, between Ellicott and Main, the vision entails a 5-step Plan to capitalize on publicly financed infrastructure improvements and will feature a new Piazza/Traffic circle. The Vision Plan also includes a new street/pathway beginning at Oak Street near the doorstep of future Catholic Health downtown headquarters, thru flower district properties as a pedestrian walkway, continuing as a new winding European- inspired “complete” Street across the M & T property, and terminating at Main Street’s front door to the historic Market Arcade building.

New, highly efficient and concentrated parking facilities, both above and below grade, would eliminate the wastefulness and the visual blight of existing small inefficient parking lots that currently dominate every corner of the existing Genesee Street Gateway configuration.