665 Main Street

This 65,000 SF mixed- use Building integrates covered parking, street level commercial space including an Art Gallery, and large very flexible 21,000 SF floor plates for typical floors. The signature feature of this building is the strikingly different treatment of the two primary building facades. In fact, those not very familiar with 655, are not aware that the different facades belong to the same building.

The Main Street facade was designed in response to its setting in the midst of historic Theatre District; therefore the design maintains proportion and scale of nearby buildings without mimicking. Furthermore, the Main Street frontage is part of a 1970’s pedestrian Mall, therefore has been long closed to all vehicular traffic except for emergency access.

The other primary facade on Washington Street, one block East, fronts on an entirely different context, with very little historic merit, and has really evolved as vehicular access and service street serving tenants and visitors within the Theatre District.